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GliderKeeper New Fw 1.25, FAi approved, Release notes

During this season we have learnt from your experience and made as much as possible to have your needs brought to this new release. We encourage you to update to it since it will become the mandatory version in official competitions.

As on Oct 20 2022 new manufactured and delivered HW will include FAI_S_1.25 and UI_1.25 built on it, so this Hw is ready for a competition, use STD Fw for other competition types and for training and ESC calibration.


More ROBUST and stable Throttle_in:

We did learnt that sometimes in noisy installations, undesired throttle shut signal were commanded, this is now fixed, and a more stable behaviour of throttle readings has been implemented.

GKSync+ Status in Display

Now you will know your GKSync+ is working to satisfaction before flying:

This the GKSync+ working!

When no GKSync+ is present or it is not working.

When the stored time is wrong, maybe a defective GKSync batt.


Landing Page now shows more info of GKSync+

This Shows that GKSync was tuned up after a succesfull sychronysation, this will allow you longer period between syncs: once a day.

The other messages you can see in the bottom of landing page are:

Other messages are:

“Successful Synchronisation!”

“NO GKSync Found”

“GKSync Operating. No I-net available for sync”

“I-net sync on going...”

“Only Keeper is in Sync” (transient)

Warning/Error Messages:

“if in competition, pls, Synchronise ASAP!”

(too long since last synchronisation, recommended 4 hours, if not calibrated)

“GKSync not working” (HW defect: replace/repair)

“RTC Sync Disabled!” (Internal Fw fail)

Plot flights page now shows the date of the fligts in memory, like in the new desltop. Very useful for remembering your flights. In the next pictures you will see some real data of some flights it took last month.

F5J altitude= 000 means emergency was used.

Plots. Now you can have the descent ratio calculated and made visible in your mobile. Simply tap in the two points of interest in the graph to have the slope of your altitude plot calculated.

Tap a third time to remove last calculation. You will also have in the plot the exact hour and minute of your flight and your personalised name in the same graph. Remenber GliderKeeper systems used UTC time and is your mobile/browser the one that tranfers this time to your local time.

This opens to remote or virtual competitions and to share your achievements very easily!

Plot the throttle signal. For your convenience you can also choose to show the actual values of your thottle command. Very useful for tuning your tranmitter in training flights.

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