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GliderTimer for GliderKeeper 

Automatic F5J Competition Management

World´s First Automated Contest Management Assistant for personal training and small F5J contests.

Timer In hands.jpg

Timekeeping device and portable display, small form factor, outdoor readable colorful TFT display, easy menu buttons..

9 competitions storage of a single group up to 6 pilots or rounds.

One tool to manage your frienship contests

Realtime Online Results 

Using the same philosophy as GliderKeeper, there is an easy access for visualisation of results and download them via Wi-Fi.

Final Results.png

OnScreen Realtime Results 

Jonas Komomolo.png

Easy and convenient access to the all the contest info in the device screen

Final Score.png

Flight ticket of pilot 1

and Final Score

How it works?

Easy Operation


GliderTimer will Manage your rounds and will "beep" you the countdowns for your mini contest.

When landing bring your GliderKeeper into Wi-Fi mode: Just take note of your landing distance and move the plane´s fuselage into vertical ("nosedown"). If GliderKeeper is loaded with Fw 1.23 or later, during the scanning phase, it will detect the presence of GliderTimer and automatically will transfer Flight Data to GliderTimer.

Then GliderTimer will compare the timing for launch and landing to be within the working time.

Then via the buttons in GliderTimer input the landing distance and save the data.

GliderTimer will calculate the current score table automatically.

Repeat for all the planes in the contest.

Added Functionality and ready for future applications


GliderThrow Perfect Companion

GliderTimer will as well inferface with GliderThrow & GliderThrowQuad as a convenient gadget for the airfield, quick and easy!

This funtionality is available in Fw 4.06

And more accesories and functionalities will be added.



Dimensions: 54 x 54 x 24 mm.

Weight : 75 gr.

Speaker : 1W.

Screen : 320x240 RGB TFT.

Power Supply: 5 V USB charger type C connector.

Current consumption: Aprox 200mA.

Battery: 110+750 mAh 1S2P lipo.

Memory storage: 9 Competitions and 15 pilots.

Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n WPA/2

GliderTimer is a customisation of a

M5Stack Core unit, see

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