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#8 We have Homologation for First Class Competitions!

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

We are happy to announce that today Sep 20th we have received Homologation Letter from FAI officials to support GliderKeeper model 309 in conjunction with Fw_F1.22 to be used in official FAI First Class competitions.

We want to thank FAI officials all their time, suggestions and effort to evaluate our device.

We, GliderKeeper team, also want to thank all our F5J community friends for the interest, help, suggestions, critics and encouraging words that have been paramount for the development of this new AMRT.

We are sure that with this new boy in town F5J formula will earn many followers and the biggest diffusion in aeromodelism.

FAI_S Firmware Homologation and FAI web page updating will follow in the next days.

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