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GKSync for GliderKeeper

GKSync brings the oportunity to have a clear confirmation on when your flight started and landing was done. 

-Ideal for using with GliderTimer

-Accurate Timing for online contests

How it works?

GKSync is a high accuracy clock, backed up with a tiny button battery.

Upon start GliderTimer will check for the clock and update all internal timing to GKSync time which is synchronised to UTC (Universal Coordinated Time).

Any event in your flight can now have a correspondence to UTC.

GliderTimer has as well one UTC unit so it can check whether your landing time was within competition working time.

GKeeper y GKSync 1.png
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Transparent Usage

Just plug your GKSync into GliderKeeper expansion port. GliderKeeper Firmware (in version 1.23 or higher) will do the rest. GliderKeeper will operate the same with or without a GKSync as a FAI altimeter and flight duration, if GKSync present UTC timing will be possible.

Use with GliderTimer

Just after the connection between GliderTimer and GliderKeeper, GliderKeeper will notify its timing, if UTC timing is available in 2 seconds the flight will be scored.

In case your GKeeper has not a GKSync then both units will interchange their timing during some more seconds to ascertain landing timing.

This can only be done if GKeeper was not shut down and its timing is still coherent.

If the timing could not be done, GliderTimer will as a human to confirm landing and launch validity.

GTime Gkeeper GKSync.png


Weight: 2,6 gr.

Dimensions; 14x14x7mm

Clock accuracy: 2 ppm (parts per million) (<one minute in 6 months).

Battery duration: 2-3years.

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