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World’s First Altimeter with Flight Duration Option

Besides a latest technology barometer capsule, GliderKeeper features an accelerometer. Flight time is started upon throttle movement during launch, the same event as for motor timing in F5J rules.

Landing is captured by measuring the fuselage vibration on the model´s touch down.

Convenient Built in Oled display.

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FAI_F letter.png

FAI Approved Firmware for F5J

GliderKeeper can be used as any other approved FAI Altimeter, but is bringing a lot more  features...

Check your Flight results in display or your Mobile terminal

GliderKeeper microcontroller features a native Wi-Fi capability, after landing you can choose to perform another F5J flight or enter in Wi-Fi mode to see your flight results, both F5J “start Height” and duration of flight in your mobile.


See your Flight´s plot just after landing or export your data for later review

Plot GliderKeeper móvil2.png

Change your device configuration at the field with no removals


How it works


Dimensions: 53 x 24,5 x 5,8 mm

Weight (including cable): 12,8 gr

Cable lenght: 200mm

Power Supply: (min.) 4,8 V / (Max.) 8,4 V/ (Recomd. Wi-Fi AP) < 5,6V

Current consumption: Flight Mode <20 mA / Wi-Fi STA 60mA / Wi-Fi AP 200mA

Barometric Pressure Sensor: 300-1250 hPa, 8 Pa. Rel accuracy (0,6m)

Accelerometer Sensor: 12 bit/ + 8g range.

Memory storage: 148 flights or 5 Flight hours.

Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n WPA/2


No more papers, less people involved in a competition

In these days where social interchanges are not very convenient a totally paperless contest can be handled with GliderKeeper and GliderTimer.

GliderKeeper will leave an imprint with its serial number and exact date and time of the flight to maintain data integrity structure. No need for interchanging papers, pencils or Chronometers.

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