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GliderTimer -PRO 

Full Size Automatic F5J Competition Management

World´s First Automated Contest Management Assistant for full size F5J contests.


GliderTimer-PRO is closing the loop.

As an leap step from GliderTimer (mini) in number of pilots and rounds. 
GliderTimer-PRO will manage the full size F5J competition from the control desk. 
GliderTimer (mini) and GliderKeeper will do the timekeeping and upload the results.
No more transcription errors, delays or distracted timekeepers.
The definitive help for contest organisers.
See the scores in GliderScore
© as you were doing before.
No dedicated timekeepers needed any more 

IMG_2893 Web Gliderkeeper arriba e izda transparente.png

The definitive help for contest organisers.

How it works?

Phisically GliderTimer- Pro is an expansion dongle of a GliderTimer (mini).

Features MP3 player with a mini-jack output for the audio and wiring to drive the annunciator panel plus a bigger battery and DC power supply conditioner.

1.-  Prepare your competition in GliderScore, with the competitors´ ID of their GliderKeepers.

2.-  Generate the eScore competition files.

3.- Upload those files into the GliderTimers you are expecting to use.

4.- Connect GliderTimer- PRO at control desk,  plug to the audio and timer panel inputs.

5.- Run the competition.

6.- Collect FlightData automatically with the help of a GliderTimer.

7.- At the end of each round, via a Internet enabled router (your mobile can do), Upload the results to the eScore competition of GliderScore.

8.- Publish or print the scores from GliderScore.


Realtime Online Results 

GliderTimer units, either (mini) or PRO will upload the gathered flights into eScoring of GliderScore. Then publishing and making the corresponding changes will be done using the well known application Gliderscore © 

GliderScore results.png

Easy Operation

GliderTimer Settings.png

Using the same philosophy as GliderKeeper, there is an easy access via Wi-Fi for visualisation, configuration and updating.

Designed for Easy Installation

IMG_2872 vista lado dcho. manual.png
IMG_2869 Vista lado izdo. manual.png
IMG_2890 Web Gliderkeeper arriba y derecha transparente.png

1.-  I2C port

2.-  Serial communication: Field Panel Terminals

3.-  USB charge

4.-  Power/Reset Button

5.-  Master Power Switch

6.-  DC input Hx10 (3S batt balance)

7.-  Micro SD card

8.-  Local 3W Speaker out Terminal

9.-  DC input jack 5,5/ 2 external pin ground

10.- 3.5 mm Stereo Minijack output for P.A. System

11.- Control Buttons


Terminal connectors are plugable for your convenience.

Serial, Speaker and DC input jack loose mating connectors are supplied with the unit.

A Prototype Demo

All involved units, GliderKeepers, thanks to GKSync+, and GliderTimers run exactly at UTC time GliderTimer- Pro makes all annoucements of the Launching and landing events, these times (epochs in computer jargon) are known by the ancillary GliderTimers and then can judge the apropriate timing for landing transmitted to them from the on board GliderKeepers.



Dimensions: 54 x 135 x 228 mm.

Weight : 155 gr.

Power Supply: 5,2 -40 Vdc (both inputs)* plus 5 V USB charger type C connector.

Current consumption: Aprox 200mA.

Battery: 1.000 mAh 1S lipo.

Speaker : (external, not supplied) 3W*.

Screen : 320x240 RGB TFT.

Memory storage: One classification and one Flyoff (mode PRO) competitions. 16GB microSD card supplied for speech and background sound.

Panel Supported: Direct I2C, TTL Serial 9600/1920 baud, Standard or Extended protocol **

Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n WPA/2

*Mating connectors:

Panel: 15EDG 2,54mm x 4 pin

Speaker: 15EDG 2,54mm x 2pin

Top DC in: XHB 2,54mm x 4 pin

Side DC in: 5,5x2,1 outer pin ground DC Jack

P.A. out: 3,5 mm stereo minijack

**Extendend Ability driver supported, please contact us for details of your panel before ordering.

GliderScore © Copyright Gerry Carter. We want to acknowledge and sincerely thank the support received from GliderScore for this implementation.

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