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About us.

We are Marta, Sergio and Javier competition gliders enthusiasts. We have been largely involved in F5J FAI Altimeter contests since the formula was created.

We are proud to say that  we created GliderLink The World´s first QR code time keeping application and as well the first Internet based application, routinely used in Spain. Maybe working since 2011. The others just followed us.

We have been helping Glider CG in launching the successful  GliderThrow

We are also deeply engaged in organizational issues and since 2009 our group organizes F5J Masters And as a result for it we made a little gadget called GliderTimer(original) a cigarette pack size device that can manage all the public Address and Sound tracks on an F5J contest it is now 3 years we are using it. You only need the portable Loudspeaker system and GliderTimer(original) for organize your contest:  No Laptop needed in the field (both for classifications, GliderLink or soundtracks, GliderTimer(original)).

But if you have been in this road before you would agree that one of the most difficult  thing in organizing a F5J contest is to have an acceptable cast of timekeepers. And after long discussions and very long hard work hours we ended up with GliderKeeper.

GliderKeeper comes as a help to pilots in training sessions, and small training or leagues where you can easily imagine all the pilots in the field can fly together in the same group.

We envisage many contest organizers will see this device as a tool that can be very useful for organising their competition with limited human support.

GliderKeeper, by the moment, let’s see how future evolves, does not completely replace timekeepers  but it will help very much in case limited number of timekeeper are available.

GliderKeeper is young, and there will be Software updates, corrections and new features to be added to this new environment.

We are very happy to hear from you in with you opinion, suggestions or complaints…

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