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GliderTimer-PRO is available. The last brick for a full automated F5J competition.

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

GliderTimer-PRO completes our automatic timing solution. Order now for preparing next season!! It is designed to be the core for the Real-Time competition management. It will sit in the Organisation Desk and will play the Sound Track for the competition and drive the big Panel Display you want to use.

100% Compatible with GliderScore (c): GliderTimer(mini) collects GliderKeper Flight data, assess landing time and landing distance and pump the data into eScore of the previously configured competition in GliderScore.

No more dedicated Timekeepers. Organisation resources very alleviated. Note no timekeepers in the line, this is a real video for our Fist GliderKeeper Cup in Riesa, Germany last summer.

GliderTimer-PRO is intended for competition organisers or groups of enthusiasts that want to play a real F5J competition, or just pilots that want to do full size training sessions.

Users are expected to be familiar with GliderScore and GliderKeeper products.

Fw for GliderTimer (mini) or PRO units will be interchangeable so GliderTimer-Pro units can also play the role of a GliderTimer(mini).

Please contact us for details of ordering a GliderTimer-Pro here:

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