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Using Radio Master ELRS with GliderKeeper

Some of you have come to us with a problem that may appear when using a Radio Master ELRS receiver.

This receiver is gaining adepts these days due its promised top range and very low latency. How ever very good and flexible things come with the counter part of needing a configuration work.

ELRS can run a so called LUA script to configure several aspects. We will be concentrating here in "packet rate".

On power up transmitter and receiver must match their packet rates. If they are not aligned the power up sequence may become very time consuming until they match, up to 8-10 seconds.

It is the case that Gliderkeeper has a safety lock that incase not seeing a receiver signal in a couple of seconds after power up it will lock in "Error Input" and will not be able to move the ESC and the motor.

This feature is there for 2 reasons.

a) to protect the user from a false contact or model configuration and

b) to allow to enter in WiFi mode in an accesible manner in a reasonable time and not "destroying" the displaying of the last flight.

So you need to get the receiver signal as soon as possible after power up the receiver. We warmy recommend this in any case. Since in case of an incident where you model has a power glitch for a short period (low batteries and big servo current drain...) you do not want to wait 10 seconds to regain control of your model....

To get the receiver paired as fast as possible we recommend you follow these steps in your Radio Masters System:

-Run the ELRS Lua script. Go to the first page of the Sys menu.

There you find the Packet rate.

This is the important number. Higher rate faster Servos, but less distance. So usually transmitters are on 50hz. We have here 100hz which is a good compromise. But this is not relevant for the question. Only you need to note the value.

-Then scroll down to "other devices" - Important is that the receiver must be powered up and running

-In Next page you click on the connected receiver.

-This is the receiver menu. There you set the init rate to the same value you have on packet rate. This ensures while binding the TX and RX find each other immediately and releases the ESC

We hope you found this trick useful but always in case of doubt please contact us in

we will be delighted to give a hand.

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