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F5L and ALES254 Fw´s Available

Updated: Mar 12

We have published these new Fw classes for altitude limited categories:


Ales 254

The main diference for these 2 firmwares is the limit altitude.F5L is 90 meters and Ales254 is 120m, where the firmware will shut the motor, both will also shut after 30 seconds motor if the altitude limit was not reached. Obviously these Fw will not accept any change you made in Keeper Menu screens, despite they are labeled as "STD" Fw. And are supossed to be used in the corresponding competitions, always confirm with your Competiton Director their requirements.

They are released in beta level (provisional) so changes may be necessary before FAI decides to have those FAI classes formally approved, please refer to us any concern or bug you find.

This is what display will show, for both Fw and Devices.

On Power UP:

On Landing

To see the limis You go to Wi-Fi mode (vertical 3sec.)

And In Wi-Fi, the display toggles:

In this pictures PIco had ALES254 Fw and Keeper had F5L FW but the same will show in case for the other Fw.

Note the .zip pack contains the version for both devices, in separate folders, and the two different Fw each. Take care and do not get confused in loading a Fw from the other platfom, nominally the UI will not permit but do not try, just in case. The unit may get bricked in loaded with Fw for the other platform.

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