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GliderKeeper New Fw 1.26, FAi approved, Release notes

We want to thank FAI officials and all the customers and friends that have been supporting us in this very extensive Fw testing and final approval made in a record time.

This Fw release improves initialisation process of GliderKeeper, that in some random cases would not properly have the ESC armed.

No need for updating UI file, that remains as last version UI_1.25.

This Fw release, in STD, FAI_S and FAI_F versions, is now available. We recommend to update your GliderKeeper unit at the first opportunity.

App update including this new Fw will be coming thru your Market in the next days into your mobile terminals.

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Sep 20, 2023

What’s the difference i of FAI_F/S, STD?

Javier Hernandez Rodero
Javier Hernandez Rodero
Sep 21, 2023
Replying to

YU, FAI_F (stands for First class competition) does not allow to re engage motor after the initial climb: FAI rules. FAI_S (stands for Second class..) Will allow to use the motor, on an emergency for instance. But It will make that flight to >Score 0 Points this according published specification from FAI. Please have a look to GlideKeeper manual to see in detail what is is doing which Fw.

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