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F5K Firmware is available!

The new F5K firmware is already available in our downloads page. It is included in the new "all fw bundle". Download the .zip file and explore into it.

We have been working with @Brian Van der Gouw in preparing this Firstrelease. We think this is the first of a series of "Special Feature" firmwares. Stay tunned.

It is an initial release, to gain field experience and compile improvements, so feel free to drop us a comment. It is not very likely we will have this Fw for The GliderKeeper standard due to its size does not allow for going into an F5K fuse.

This Fw much works like a PICO with a STD firwmware but:

Once a landing is complete it will be in condition to record a new flight up to 6 flight in the same power session or "task", normally you only would use 3 or for of them.

  • WARNING the Pico will enter Wi-Fi mode without locking waiting for the first throttle movement as STD or FAI is doing. This is for the condition after landing, which is exactly before the next launch and we want you easily enter in Wifi Mode.

Apart of sequentially watch the Time of Flight and "F5K" in the display you can have a fast view of your Task by Entering in Wi-Fi mode and type the command [my_IP-today]/F5K and you will be seeing something like this:

The good thing here is you can cut and paste thi table into an excel or the numbers into GliderScore or whatever scoring system you are using.

We will be releasing more refinements as our experience improves...

Enjoy your Flights and have happiest landings.

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