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#9 GliderKeeper: New Fw 1.24 FAI Approved. Release notes

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

It is almost one year since our last Fw was approved. We have been working hard for a Fw that would improve your experience and make even easier your F5J flights.

All three versions of Fw come together with its UI (user interface) so your troubles to migrate will be less, you do not need to come back to 1.22 any more.

The most relevant feature that 1.24 brings is the compatibility with GliderTimer and GKSync Now you can manage yourself a full F5J competition but we also have many new small improvements that will help you enjoy your flights.

  1. Compatibility with GliderTimer and with GKSync.

  2. Removal automatically of useless recordings when no flight was performed.

  3. STD Fw: Altitude and Timer shut now are operative simultaneously, good for training F5K and ALES

  4. New fonts in GliderKeeper OLED display, more readable.

  5. "UPDA- TING" scren shows now progress bar of the task.

  6. You can assing a Pilot´s name and initials to your settings

  7. In Wi-Fi mode, first two lines now toggle first line Id and Pilots name, second shows the full IP numbers IP:www. and xxx.yyy.zzz

  8. UI now shows the local time of launching and GKSync status in landing page.

  9. New button in Sytem for GKSyng hibernation.

  10. Easier method for connection in APmode

  11. Keeper menu refreshed the new setting inmediately

  12. Improved loading speed and improved stability in Wi-Fi modes.

GliderKeeper Annex 6_Manual_V09_EN (new in 1.24)
Download PDF • 2.12MB

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