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#2. Wi-Fi Setup Menu

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

In this menu, after version 1.20 inclusive you can store 2 Wi_Fi names (SSID) and their corresponding password.

Then you can Set your mobile Wi-Fi name in the first position and in second place your Home´s. This will make your life easier by not having to decide to change either of these to match a single one as in previous versions.

You can as well modify the time after entering Wi-Fi mode GliderKeeper will be trying to connect to those stored host Wi-Fi´s to be in STA mode in these LAN´s, before becoming a Wi_Fi AP (Access Point) by itself.

If you are intending to use GliderKeeper in AP mode, then you may decide to set this time to 5 seconds… for faster generation of the AP mode. If you intend to use the host Wi-Fis then our recommendation is to leave it in the range of 15-20 seconds, this will depend very much in your own LAN requirements. Maximum time has been set to 30 seconds.

Many people has asked why they cannot change their AP mode Wi-Fi name to a name like “John´s GliderKeepe”r, the reason is this ID and name is supposed to be used in future versions where we will be able to send the results to the Organisation in a competition and this ID will be used to make sure the correct GliderKeeper is sending the results.

If you set to just five seconds then it is possible it will not engage or will need many attempts. See the example:

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