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How Keeper Menu can help you in your training

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

How Keeper Menu can help you in your training.

One of the most useful things that GlikerKeeper features is you can access the configuration menus wirelessly in the airfield.

When training, many times you have to train your eye for a target altitude.

Say.. I want to cut at 60m this morning. And you want your altimeter advise you by cutting himself when at 60m.

With a normal altimeter this is possible but you need to have a Laptop available…

With GliderKeeper, go to Wi-Fi mode (maintain “nosedown” for 3 seconds after landing and connect with your mobile…) and tap the menu icon.

Then select Keeper Conf.

You will access to this screen:

There you can change the settings for your motor ON segment in matter of seconds change for instance to Altitude Shut and change this shutting altitude to 60.

Press “Save” and cycle the battery power.

In your next flight the motor will stop as soon as you reach 60 m high.

Then you can choose to go 5 m lower and very easy you can repeat these setting change.

Or do it with your time target.

The good thing is you can experiment with all these settings in the same training session very easily.

You can as well compare the actual F5J height readings from your OLED screen or in your terminal screen.

GliderKeeper will always measure F5J height (the max altitude during motor and the next ten seconds after throttle shut) despite any of those settings. We will be talking about the differences in the target altitude and the actual F5J height achieved in another post of the blog.

Please “contact us” or email if you want to share with us your experience.

Enjoy your GliderKeeper and happy landings.

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