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#3 New1.21 Competition Firmware

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

We are publishing this competition Firmware on an agreement with F5J League in Madrid to commence utilising this device as AMRT in the upcoming contests resuming the league after the pandemic break.

This will allow user to familiarise with the Firmware update technique which can be done from your mobile phone.

This firmware corresponds to the requirements for Second Class Competitions where emergency restart is allowed and has been submitted to FAI and hopefully in the next days will receive a homologation letter.

Emergency restart ON/OFF is the only competition setting that can be changed in this firmware.

Emergency throttle control is given to the pilot by the AMRT after 30 seconds of F5J “start height” calculation. Throttle lever or switch must be, as well, retracted back to below 1200 uuseconds pulse width to be rearmed (this voids the risk of a pilot forgetting the throttle at max power and the AMRT shutting the ESC and then receive a slam of power after these 30 seconds) and even allowing a perfectly valid flight in this, mistaken, condition.

If throttle is rearmed and used by the pilot, then the display in the OLED screen will turn into “—.-m” indicating an invalid F5J “start height” calculation and the flight will score a Zero


We need as well to update UI (User Interface) to allow the new syntax for competition files be used in updates.

We envisage, once in UI_1.21, you will keep a copy of both Firmware files available in a folder of your mobile and jump between FAI_S and STD firmwares using System conf. /Firmware Update to go back and forth during your training sessions.

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