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#14 We have an APP! (for free)

Dear All,

We have been largely asked to have an APP for the mobile terminals.

Well, at last we have teamed with a developer, Diego Vioque, to have such APP.

It is avalaible both for Android:

And for App Store:

With this App it is much easier to open GliderKeeper since it will look for the IP of the unit which is in your Wi-Fi LAN. (No more using the glasses to see, to find out the IP in the unit´s display...).

You can do with this initial release each and every function you had with the browser interface, but it is simpler. To be honest since I have it, I do not use the direct browser to get into my unit/s anymore. But the browser functionality is there...

But an additional function is available here. The App brings, and will bring, within it the last Fw and UI versions. And it is pretty straight forward to jump between FAI_S and FAI_F or STD Fw depending in your needs.

Just Tap in the "Tools Icon" (top right) and you will enter in the menu for updating.

That is very useful for mobile environments.

You have to update your GliderKeeper to Fw 1.25 before you can use your App.

Your Mobile terminal must be in the same Wi-Fi LAN as GliderKeeper, then open the App.

Important now is to remind the users that for security reasons the configuration of their hotspots has to be done manually in the setting of their own mobile. We definitely recommend you configure your GK and your mobile to have GliderKeeper connected to your mobile´s hot spot (we will be tired in recommending it.


either from the mobile or the GliderKeeper unit.

Any comment please let us know in

Enjoy it and tell your friends!!

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1 Comment

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