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Gliderkeeper Pico
The New Standard! 
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New Fw available for F5K!! 
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Ancla Bricks

For those that want a direct reading, GliderKeeper Pico allows for the connection of this handy plugable display.

Choose to fly with it in your model or connect it after landing!



Based on the newest ESP32 PICO microcontroller, GKPico has the same functionality as our known  GliderKeeper but at a fraction of its weight and size!

It fits comfortably even in the smallest F5K models!! more...

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GliderKeeper Pico can be fitted with this 'programmer' in case you want to use the Windows computer's USB link instead of the convenience of the cell phone or router´s Wi-Fi connection. You do not need to fly this unit. more...

GT Botón encendido 500.png

GliderTimer (mini) is the ground segment. It manages competition timing and gathers the data of several GliderKeepers in the contest and publishes the competition scores.   more...

Gliderkeeper led verde transparente 500.png

GliderKeeper is the core AMRT plus timing unit. It flies in your model. May be used stand alone.

No more transcription errors, straight forward solution to the problem of organising a contest, either small, great of just high fidelity training.   more...

GKSync2 500.png

GKSync plugs in GliderKeeper for maintaining high accuracy landing moment. Timing is referenced to UTC.


About Us

These are the first bricks of our comprehenisve F5J Competition TimeKeeping system.

We are Marta, Sergio and Javier competition gliders enthusiasts. We have been largely involved in F5J contests since the formula was created.

We feel this F5J formula is the most enjoyable FAI formula with all the emotion of simultaneous launching and landing in the edge of time challenge. But it also brings logistic complications both for training and competition.


This is our  contribution for an easier, faster and more successfull F5J and model gliders adventure...


For more information about dealers, please click here.

Ancla Pricing
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Ancla Contact

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If you need some help, have a suggestion, something to improve, you think you found a bug or just want to share your opinion or pictures, please send us an email to with as much detail you have available. Please send us details like ID#, SW version, captured screens, FlightData.bin of your flight and, if available, picture of the model or the airfield… in those questions that having this info can help to diagnose.

We always welcome your contact and will come back to you as soon as possible. It is our understanding that listening Customer Voice is the best way for us to improve.

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